Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How Big is Love?

Only if one knows the truth of Love, 
which is the real nature of  [True] Self, 
will the strong entangled knot of life be untied. 
Only if one attains the height of Love 
will liberation be attained.  

Such is the heart of all religions. 
The experience of [True] Self is only Love, 
which is seeing only Love, hearing only Love, 
feeling only Love, tasting only Love and smelling only Love, 
which is bliss. 
~ Ramana Maharshi

I am coming to realize that there is quite a difference between being in Love and being Love.  This distinct difference begins to show up in our relating with one another in all levels of relationships. 

In Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem, she has stated
something very profound with regard to the truth about being Love 

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height  
my soul can reach, 
when reeling out of sight 
for the ends of Being and ideal Grace.” 

I want to tell you a story.  It was years ago, right after my father passed, and our immediate family was together in his home consoling each other.  My niece, who was only six at the time, opened up to me and shared how sad she was in having lost her Grandpa.  This is how I was led to be with her:

I asked her, “Sweetie, how big are you?”  

She pointed to her body and said, “As big as this.”  

I said, “You’re bigger than that.  Close your eyes and see.”  

She did and quickly opened them saying with surprise, “Oh, I’m as big as this room!”    I responded,  “You’re bigger than that.”  

Again, she closed her eyes to see.  After a moment she opened them and said excitedly,  “I’m as big as the whole universe!!”  

Yes, sweetheart, this is how big God’s Love is in you ... as big as the whole universe.  Now, let’s look from here at your ‘sad’.”  

She closed her eyes and then opened them with,  “It just went pop!!”  

The whole day she was going around to everyone in the family and comforting them from this place of pure Love, sharing from a genuine feeling of it’s all ok.

When we are open and  receiving Love this big, is there anything that can snag us or upset us?

So, back to … what is the difference between being in Love and being Love?

As we are loving someone, is our Love big enough to support them doing whatever life is calling them to do or be?  Is our love big enough to accept the loss of a loved one and be able to comfort those around us?  Is our Love big enough to be open to the infinite possibilities that are available in every moment of now?  Is our Love big enough to follow our calling even though we have little or no experience or familiarity with where we are being called to serve?  

If we are simply, being God’s Presence as Love, as my niece discovered, this realization opens up a whole new vista of being with each other.  We are feeding each other’s rivers.  A clarity and creative flow is present with what is happening in the moment and we are inspired to follow what's best for our self and for our loved ones.  Once we realize and open to receive the bigness of God's Loving Presence, within us and around us, we find ourselves naturally being Love.

Loving you, simply as you are,

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  1. Ann Egge here-Elizabeth-This is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! I loved the story about your niece!!! That was wonderful!!! Love You!!!

  2. I too loved the story about your niece. Thanks for this beautiful sharing of love.