Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Being a Festival of Lights

Festival of Lightsby John August Swanson

The prophet said, 
“There are some who see me
by the same Light in which I am seeing them.
Our natures are one.
Without reference to any strands of lineage,
 without reference to texts or traditions,
we drink the life-water together.”
~ The Essential Rumi

Recently, I was remembering a significant time of my life just before my 30th birthday.  I was at my first retreat … we were assembled all together in the great hall … the speaker was David Spangler from Findhorn, Scotland.  He played a song in which he had written the words.  It was called, “A Festival of Lights.”  David brought us all into a significant context saying that each of us are the carriers of God’s Light and together we are a festival of lights.  As we sang along with the music it felt like the whole room was filled with a beautiful glow of Love and harmony for all.  We were actually being a festival of lights.

During this Christmas Season, I wanted to send to you the picture above and this song in order to bring alive this experience, here and now, in us and in our world.

Click here to listen to this piece of music:  

Here are the words to this song:

This is the Festival, the Festival of Light,
Sing for the candles burning brightly through the night.

Sing for the light of God that guides our destiny,
Sing for the light of Love that builds community.

Sing for the wise ones, men and women who
Light up our way with visions that are true.

Sing for our children, who are candles of the dawn,
Giving us the promise that our light will carry on.

This is the festival, the festival of light,
Sing for the Love that shall make this world ignite.
A flame with a beauty that awaits in every heart,
Sing for the Will that can make that fire start.

Follow the light that leads within us to the birth
Of love and harmony and peace for all upon the earth.

We are the Festival, we are the Light
We are the candles burning brightly in the night.

In and as this Festival of Lights we ask  

May there be activated a Presence of Love and harmony 
in all people and in all situations 
everywhere upon this earth. 

May we together 
create a world of peace 
honoring all people as one community, 
held in the embrace of God’s Loving Presence. 

Have a very special Christmas and New Year’s celebration!

Many Blessings dear One,

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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Michael really loved this message....as did I! :) Much love to you........